23 Easy Ways To Travel On Budget

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Travel is the new mantra to unwind and de-stress.

The question is how frequently can one travel?

Don’t be surprised if I say, you can travel almost every weekend!


Yes, there are smart ways to make your travel pocket friendly.

Check out the list below to travel smart.

  1. Plan:

Plan your trip well in advance, try and avoid the peak seasons. Hotels and flights have surged up prices during peak season.

2. Estimated expenses:

Draw a budget and zero in your destination. Plan up an estimated budget and keep a few hundreds or thousands additional for emergency.

3. Do your Homework:

Join a community of travellers or locals residing in that city to get a better insight into people and places. Join communities like Couch surfing to make the best of the preferred destination.

4. Transport:

Opt for local transports that are popular amongst the locals. It turns out to be way more economical. That also gives an opportunity to witness the local customs and their daily lives better. Toto, bullock carts, sky train, tuk-tuk, bikes or maybe long walks.

5. Stay:

With the world shrinking There would always be a friend residing at the destination you wish to travel to. You may want to be his guest for a few days. Don’t forget to carry gifts and souvenirs for your dear friend and his family.

6. Birds of the same feather flock together:

Try and travel in groups as that can help curb expenses. Travelling as a group not only helps make the journey memorable but also reduces expenses when shared, especially when travelling to the hills or other remote places.

7. Food:

Eat local food, it is always pocket friendly, healthier and a great way to familiarize your guts to local gastronomy.

8. Backpacker’s hostel:

Look out for backpacker’s hostel, AirBnBs, Homestays and Band B options for pocket-friendly stay.

9. Tickets:

Book flight tickets much in advance. Checkout for frequent deals and miles accumulated from time to time.

10. Passes and Entry tickets:

Buy passes for theme parks, gardens and other touristy places online to save, money and waiting time. Also check for local deals on Groupon, Tippr, woot etc. for super savers.

11. Shopping:

Ditch the shopping malls. Nowadays branded goods are available everywhere. Explore the local markets, weekend markets, flea markets or night markets to get a first-hand taste of the city. Be rest assured to get authentic local stuff at throwaway prices.

12. Research:

Visit places in the city which suits your liking. You may want to miss the water parks, adventure parks, gardens or Malls. Rather opt for Museums, Ethnic villages, heritage walks or other experiential places.

13. Stays:

Check out for complementary services offered by the hotel. For e.g. Free pick up and drops to and from airports, shuttle services to landmark areas. A few hotels also have tie-ups with local restaurants and other touristy places.

14. Stay close to nature:

If the purpose of your holiday is to unwind and relax. The usual humdrum of city life might not detox you mentally. Go to hills, beaches and other offbeat areas to relax and rejuvenate.

15. Self Help:

Avoid travel guides as every piece of information related to history, culture and geography of most places are available on the net. So a little research beforehand can go a long way.

16. Travel Regional:

Do weekend trips to nearby areas of the particular region that you reside to optimize your travel.

17. Water Bottle:

Carry your own metal water bottle. Refill from water dispensers available at most public places.

18. Travel Insurance:

Be smart to invest in travel insurance when travelling abroad. Lest you take ill and spend a fortune in the hospital.

19. Mid-week travel:

Go for mid-week stays in hotels as a few hotels set premium prices during weekends.

20. Travel Gear:

Carry sufficient travel gears like caps, rainwear, rucksack, boots, shades and other necessities to avoid buying at destination.

21. Comfort food:

Pack some comfort food for you to munch when you travel. Nuts, cookies, chocolates, granola, wafers are light in weight and can come in handy when you wish to refill yourself.

22. Meals:

Have a hearty breakfast and start your day exploring new places. Have titbits throughout the day until a soulful dinner. Refrain from overeating, it is light both on the stomach as well as the pocket.

23. Souvenirs:

Fridge magnets, Key chains and little knick-knacks are best souvenirs to carry back home for friends and family.

A nomadic by heart, a wanderer by soul, wheels on my feet and an ever gallivanting mind describes me the best. Travel is not only oxygen for my very existence but is also a way to connect and reach out to different emotions of the human race, thus in a way a spiritual discourse for my soul. A Traveler, Travel Blogger, Travel Consultant, and Travel Curator, I am passionate about the very word travel.

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