A nomadic by heart, a wanderer by soul, wheels on my  feet and an ever gallivanting mind describes me the best. Travel is not only oxygen for my very existence, but is also a way to connect and reach out to different emotions of the human race, thus in a way a spiritual discourse for my soul. A Traveler, Travel Blogger, Travel Consultant and a Travel Curator, I am passionate about the very word travel.

After sweating it out in the corporate world for 14 long years in the field of Marketing, communication and Sales, I experienced maternity which was bliss and unleashed several aspects of my persona. I am a voracious travel writer and have contributed to numerous organizations through my articles  suggestions and posts. I have enjoyed travelling from my childhood days but my quest for wayfaring started along with my 4 month old son, my partner in voyaging.

I enjoy every mode of travel, Solo travels, Travel with family and friends, travel with my mom, arm chair traveling, luxury travel, shoe string budget travel, travel to unwind, travel to soothe the mind, obligation travel and responsible travelling. My mantra for travel has been, “Travel like a nomad, experience local flavors, indulge in sustainable travelling, explore the rare, be compassionate, traverse the unbeaten path and bring out that smile.”

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