The journey of a coffee bean from cherry to cat poop to a beverage of opulence.

         Coffee, a beverage favoured by many in different brews and shades have gained popularity worldwide. It is due to its distinctive flavour and origin that it is a beverage of choice. Bali, one of the largest producer and exporter of coffee worldwide is known for producing Kopi Luwak. It steals the show along with a vast range of other hand-pounded and exclusively curated coffee.

The Highland region of Kintamani takes pride in producing mind-boggling varieties of coffee. Acres and acres of farmlands are dedicated to coffee plantation. Civet cats in little cages are strategically placed for mass production of this expensive coffee.

Most expensive coffee in the world

The beverage of luxe comes at a premium cost. Civet coffee is much in demand worldwide and is priced at 35-80 US dollars for a single cup. 500 US Dollar for a kilogram of Civet coffee beans!! The Coffee is relished by the cream-de-la-cream of society with much ado and fanfare. Celebrities and socialites have further favoured their love for this brew to make it a premium product with grandeur.

How is Kopi Luwak made – A crappy affair

Coffee cherries once harvested are fed to Asian Palm civets. The Civet cats are caged and kept in captivity within the farm premises. These are shy nocturnal animals that generally wander in the fringes of the forest and lush greens of tropical regions. The partly digested coffee beans excreted by the cat is carefully collected and sent for further processing. The coffee cherries are fermented as they pass through the gut of the Civet. The faecal matter, aka popped cherries, are then dried, aged and hand pounded to perfection. 

The brew

Brewing Kopi Luwak is an art acquired only by a few. Medium ground coffee beans measuring 1-2 teaspoon is gently added to a cup of freshwater. Time taken to brew the coffee depends on the caffeine lover. The longer the brew stronger is the coffee. Post a good brew the aromatic decoction is ready to be relished sip by sip.

Beware not to add sugar, cream or milk to Kopi Luwak.

Sip it to believe

Well, Kopi Luwak is believed to have a distinctive nutty flavour that is rich in taste and delicious on the palate. People addicted to the coffee of opulence find it difficult to adjust their taste buds to regular coffee. The beverage laced with a hint of Caramel and chocolate can make one crave for more.

To drink or not to drink

A not so happy side of the coffee!

The process of how the shy nocturnal Civet cats are caged and overfed with coffee bans awaiting their precious dung. Civet cats are often under stress within the cage undergoing an involuntary procedure for exotic coffee. Though it is illegal to capture and cage Civet cats for commercial use, few organisations still indulge in this cruelty in the name of exotic caffeine for selfish reasons.

   Whether to have the cruelty filled coffee or not is a big question that I would love to ask the Kopi Luwak lovers patronising cruelty towards civets.

  Post your comments on Kopi Luwak…. awaiting your valuable inputs.


STD (Sanchitas Travel Diary) Rating – 3.5/5