Must visit places in Meghalaya

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Meghalaya, the abode of clouds is the pride of Northeast India. Dotted with several wonders of nature, Meghalaya is a treat to the weary eye. Visit these places for a memorable trip to Shillong, Meghalaya.

  1. Umiam lake

This hypnotizing man-made reservoir is a result of a dam built in close proximity. The picturesque Umiam lake is enveloped by Khasi hills and thick foliage presenting a panoramic sight. Witnessing the sunset at Umiam lake is like a divine moment, where the sky turns crimson followed by several shades of red and orange merging into the horizon. Enjoy a motorboat ride, watch the locals fishing using traditional hacks or you may just want to explore the nearby park and inhale fresh air.

  1. Cherrapunjee

If there is heaven on land, it is at Cherrapunjee. The heavily fogged narrow roads bending time and again against monstrous mountains, and suddenly revealing lavish green valleys are how the meandering roads lead to Sohra. Cherrapunjee is referred to as Sohra by the locals. With an open blue sky, green pastures, fresh air and occasional drizzles, it was the perfect place and time to have a hot cuppa. I stepped out of the car to experience the cool breeze caressing my face and watched little children walking joyfully to school. Cascading waterfalls, verdant greenery, looming mountains, fresh and clean air is a perfect way to connect with nature.

  1. Mawlynnong

Is this a village? Was my first reaction when I walked down the spic and span roads of Mawlynnong. With considerably big houses and almost every modern amenity. Mawlynnong is the cleanest village in Asia and is the pride of Meghalaya. Every day a few households take the onus on keeping their neighbourhood clean. I got an opportunity to relish local delicacies at the sole eatery.  Piping hot rice, dal, fries and Chicken curry. It reeked of affection, purity and honesty. I was surprised to see that there was no use of plastic in this part of the city. Trash cans made out of cane was installed everywhere, rattan chairs and wooden benches used for seating and metal plates used to serve food.

  1. Living root bridge

Out of the several living root bridges, two living root bridges are popular in Meghalaya. One at Riwai village near Mawlynnong and the other, a double-decker root bridge in Nongriat. The others are in the mountainous terrains of Meghalaya which are handmade by the Jaintia and Khasi tribes in very remote areas. Aerial roots of rubber fig trees are twinned skilfully over years resulting in strong and sturdy living root bridges. These bridges help the villagers cross the river with ease, especially during the monsoon. The living root bridges have stood the testimony of time.  While my toddler was carried by Rocky, a local guide, I managed through the muddy path with a stick for support which I hired from a local stall.

  1. Mausynram

The wettest place on earth indeed greeted me with continuous showers. Though that didn’t deter my itinerary for the day. During my drive to Mausynram, I wondered how the locals lived years, braving continuous rains with Mr Sun hardly visiting this part of the earth. A rain lover’s paradise, this place reeked of petrichor and more. I was a testimony to exotic landscapes, unusual megaliths, burial grounds, flourishing flora and fauna and the skyline adorned with heavy clouds.

  1. Don Bosco Museum

Located at the heart of the city, the Don Bosco Centre for indigenous cultures is spread across seven floors. It represents the seven sisters of Northeast. A visit to this museum opened a gateway to the history, culture, traditions and lives of the tribes living in the seven states. Their lifestyle reflects on the various artefacts on display like musical instruments, metal utensils, weapons and tools, traditional dresses and more in the 17 galleries. The skywalk on the terrace offers a 360-degree view of Shillong with colourful houses perched on hills.

  1. Dawki

One of the most photographed location by travellers and photo enthusiasts, Dawki has drawn thousands of nature lovers. Tourists are privy to the transparent water of Umngot River which happens to be one of the cleanest river in the country. Fishermen folks are often seen at work crisscrossing the river in canoes busy with their catch. Indulge in a boat ride to see the transparent water with multicoloured pebbles, limestones and rocks of various shapes and sizes underneath. It is almost bordering our neighbouring country, Bangladesh.

  1. Wards lake

Located at the heart of the city, Ward’s lake has been a meeting point for the locals for its refreshing environment. The sight of immaculate ducks wading through water, visitors enjoying a quiet ride and children frolicking, makes the mind flutter with joy. Enjoy the greens with piping hot snacks and a cuppa from the restaurant across the bridge.

  1. Nohkahlikai waterfall

The tallest plunge in the country and the 4th tallest in the world is nestled in the lap of the East Khasi hills. With cascading water resembling gallons of milk gushing from the mountain top, it is a lavish sight. The waterfall is best viewed in clear weather, thus avoid travelling to Nohkahlikai fall on a foggy day.

  1. Butterfly Museum

A hidden gem in the heart of Shillong, this museum is a rare find. Owned and managed by a gentleman in the basement of his residence, this museum has an enormous collection of pretty winged insects. Ranging from fluorescent yellow to metallic blue and immaculate white to fiery orange, it has a myriad display of colourful butterflies. Accompanying the dainty insects are Stick insects, Giant moths, beetles and other incredible insects collected painstakingly from Jaintia, West Khasi Hills and during his trip to other national and international forests and hills.

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