bullet train


1. Smile, as it doesn’t cost –

Smile as much as you can in the land of the Rising Sun. Japanese are extremely friendly and polite and it is believed that a curved line can straighten many a thing.

2. Greet people by bowing –

The custom of bowing while greeting someone is an extremely humble gesture. It has been practised by the locals for long.

3. Walking –

Pack a pair of sturdy walking shoes. Be ready to walk a lot be it on the roads to reach your destination or at the underground stations to catch a train. This is the best way to explore Japan.

4. A few Japanese words –

Be a local when in Japan. Speaking a local language have always won hearts. Speaking a few words in Japanese will make the travel more exciting. Here are a few words which would come in handy.

Arigato – Thank You!!

 Konichiwa – Hello!!

 Ohayo Gozaimus – Good Morning!!

Oyasumi – Good night!!

Sayonara – Good Bye!!

Kudasai – Please

Kore Wa Ikura Desuka – How much does this cost

5. Cherry blossom –

Plan your trip during the Cherry blossom. From the months of March to May, Japan resembles a canvas painted with a flash of soft colours. The Cherry trees lined along the roads are in full blossom in shades of pink. Visualise the pink canopies which also paints the road alike. The bright blue sky right above is a testimony to all.

6. Water –

You can drink tap water in Japan and you can rely on the purity of water. The pain of carrying and storing water bottles during travel can be ruled out.

7. Japan Rail Pass –

In case you are travelling on your own to Japan, buy a JR pass. Travelling in taxis and other public conveyance can be expensive.

8. Woollen –

If you are planning to travel during the winters (December to mid-March), pack a lot of woollens. As most of the times, you have to be travelling in layers of warm clothes.

9. Ramen and Sushi –

Say yes to sushi along with an array of seafood that you can ever imagine. Develop your tastebuds for Ramen and a whole range of healthy soups. Japanese food is what one will get on the go while travelling.  Local food is easily and readily available in most of the eateries.

10. Japanese Anime –

The upcoming generation in Japan are infatuated with anime. They have managed their way in influencing the world with interesting anime characters. You may want to explore more of the Anime kingdom in the form of merchandise, play arenas or more.

11. Vending machines –

Ramp up your confidence in using the vending machine. When in Japan buy your necessities the Japanese way. Most of the daily necessities are sold through unmanned vending machines.

12. Shop at Daiso stores –

To get the essence of shopping in Japan, one must shop at the Daiso stores. Daiso stores are scattered all over Japan and have extremely pocket-friendly products. They specialise in fast fashion and have a range of merchandise to choose from. Check out for Kitchen tools, face masks, home décor, slippers, cosmetics, toys, stationery and more.

13. Sake –

This beverage, specific to Japan is an alcoholic beverage made out of fermented rice. This is also easily available in several convenience stores open 24X7.

14. Shopping list –

While making your shopping list include the following which are exclusive items from Japan.

– Japanese Dolls

– Matcha tea

– Kimono (traditional Japanese dress)

– Kit-Kat

– Sensu fans (Japanese folding fans)

– Koino Bori (carp-shaped streamers used to decorate the house)

– Japanese stationery

– Electronics

– Cosmetics

– Kairo (heat packs)

15. Save some money –

Save some Yen or Dollars till you reach the airport in Japan. As you must do last-minute shopping at the duty-free shops. Look out for Chocolate shops, souvenirs like Neko (cat)goods, Japanese daruma dolls, cherry blossom tea, wasabi and more.