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Wondering which is the right shoe to buy, for your next vacation?

Here is a comprehensive guide for the shoe you must don on your next trip.

Every destination requires different sets of the shoe. Sneakers, wedges, flip flops, mules or loafers.

Read this article to pick the right pair for a perfect vacay.

  1.     Up in the mountains

If your destination is towards the mountains, then you need to pack a pair of sturdy sneakers. It will help endure a comfortable walk uphill. Canvas shoes or trainers can do justice during the day when one needs to walk long hours. A pair of Chelsea boots or ankle boots are just perfect for that cosy dinner in some remote restaurant perched on a hilltop.

  1.     loafing around the beach

Flip flops are synonymous with beaches. Fancy, colourful flip flops give that summery feel and is easy on the feet while walking on sand. Don’t forget to pack a dainty ballerina or wedges for that late-night party, matching with the Little Black Dress.

  1.    City tour

A city tour demands a pair of comfortable yet robust shoes. One needs to have happy feet as a city tour involves walking long hours. From the tallest tower to museums, chocolate factories to zoological gardens, a pair of sneakers never betrays, treat it as your pal.

  1.    Snowfall

The only way to brave a destination prone to snowfall is to don a pair of snow boots. While a rubber snow boot will keep the moisture at bay, a fleece trimmed snow boot can keep your feet warm. Remember to pack fluffy winter booties to wear indoor while cosying up near the fireplace.


  1.    Adventure trip

A trip planned for adventure sports, camping, trekking, water sports, hiking demands a pair of athletic shoes.  A pair of branded trekking boots can help you reach the pinnacle with ease. Trainers and sneakers are good to keep your feet comfortable and supple even after a hectic, fun-filled day.

  1.     Visiting Religious places

Religious places, especially in South-East Asian countries, requires to enter the Sanctum Sanctum bare feet. Thus remember to wear shoes that can be easily removed and worn again. Sandals, clogs, flip flops and boat shoes are ideal wear for temple hopping.

  1.    Historical places

Most historical places demand long queues, waiting periods, walks and uneven terrain. It may also be hot during the summer months if the place of visit is outdoor. Slip-on walking shoes, lightweight canvas shoes or foam bed sneakers, for they could be good choices for day time wear.

  1.    Long flights

Long flights and connecting flights ask for everything light and comfortable. Sneakers, soft Moccasins, loafers or flat sandals are the choices at the airport.  For an easy swirl at the coffee shop, a quick break at the loo, a walk down the duty-free shops or just to raise your happy feet for that quick nap your feet will thank you for the choice.


       For the vagabond, the nomad at heart a pair of lightweight yet sturdy sneakers can take them across oceans. They proudly don the sneaker from morning to night traversing the globe with might. From a city tour to a gondola ride, trekking uphill to a candlelight dinner on the beach, they carry it with elan and pride.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

What kind of shoes do you wear when you travel? Post your comments here.